6 issue series coming October 2016. Published by Black Mask Studios


8 issue series published by Boom! Studios. Collected Trade Paperback 176 pages of story plus extras.

In the early 21st Century, seven billion people died during a global papillomavirus outbreak. As the disease tore through communities, the world’s governments took radical action to ensure humanity’s survival: the brains of the dying were scanned, modeled, and uploaded to a vast computer simulation housed in enormous data centers around the globe.

They called this simulation Arcadia.

“The Matrix, but better” – IGN

“…examines our own world’s social ills in unusual ways, with a script that throws in some surprises combined with some darkly fascinating art.” – Comic Book Resources

“Arcadia is one of those books that doesn’t need to grab your attention with flash, the book wants you to think.” – Multiversity

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